The first book Monique appears in.

Monique Waters was one of the only two, the other being Angela DuPre, who actually saw the plane appear in Found. She complains that she always has to fix everyone else's mistakes. She never speaks of the plane appearing out of no where ever again after that day.

The MissingEdit


In the prologue of Found, Monique is seen working at Sky Trails Air with Angela DuPre. Monique was constantly nasty towards her on her first (and only) day working at Sky Trails Air. She often talks down towards Angela as if Angela is stupid or mentally slow. When the plane appeared, and Angela mentioned the word "crash" Monique suddenly gets very angry as tells her not to mention "crash" in the airport. She complains that she always has to fix things, and is very strict and impatient.

Thirteen years later, during the main events of Found, Katherine and Chip call every witness of the plane crash (including Monique and Angela) on their list from James Reardon's office. After calling Monique, Katherine tells Jonah: "That woman loved hanging up on us. She was cold." Jonah, Katherine, and Chip meet Angela shortly afterwards where she tells them her story about what she saw. She also mentions that after the incident, everybody was told to deny witnessing the incident. However, she herself refused to, and as a result, Monique signed disability papers for Angela claiming she was "delusional and prone to hallucinations and unfit to work at Sky Trails", effectively getting Angela fired. It is unknown what happened to Monique after Sky Trails Air went out of business a few years after the incident.


Jonah time travels to the scene of the time crash to give Angela a letter for her to read thirteen years later. When he gives her the letter, her sees Monique being condescending to Angela.