Found, The only book where the Liston Public Library is visited.

The Liston Public Library is the library where Jonah, Katherine, and Chip first met with Angela DuPre on October 7th at 3:00 PM. It is about two or three miles away from Jonah's house and the conference room is glass on three sides. Katherine used to have Brownie meetings there when she was little.

During the meeting with Angela, Gary arrives at the library and attempts to attack them, but JB restrains him and allows them to escape through the window.

In the epilogue of Caught following their trip to 1903, it is mentioned that Jonah and Katherine went to the library with their father, who was surprised to see them both borrowing books on Albert Einstein. They claimed they were both doing research projects on Albert Einstein, when in actuality, they were both fascinated by his theories after seeing him.