Jordan Skidmore is Jonah's twin brother. He appears in Revealed and Redeemed. He grew up as the brother of Katherine and the son of Linda and Michael Skidmore in a separate dimension from Jonah.

The MissingEdit

Jordan first appears in Revealed. He is the baby that Jonah takes from the airport to his house in an alternate dimension (that was doomed to close until Jonah fixed it). Jonah thinks the baby is himself. Later, JB tells Jonah that the baby was named Jordan. JB also tells Jonah that his dimension and the alternate dimension have merged together, meaning that everybody will have memories of both of them.

In Redeemed, Jordan is the protagonist. Picking up immediately where Revealed left off, a confused Jordan sees Jonah for the first time, despite Katherine claiming to have grown up with both of them as her brothers. Jordan is further confused when he sees Chip, JB, Angela, and his parents as teenagers. The others try to explain to Jordan what is going on, but Jordan rejects them and ends up sending his entire family into danger into the future. Jonah takes charge, but Second Chance incapacitates all of the Skidmores except for Jordan, leaving him to save time by himself. Jordan meets Kevin, who is really Second Chance as a kid, and encourages him to re-age his parents. However, doing so causes Kevin himself to unage into a baby, where Curtis Rathbone attempts to kidnap him. Jordan eventually leads the others into Mr. Rathbone's office, where thanks to Kevin, they manage to overpower him. In the epilogue, Jordan delivers Kevin to his parents for them to adopt him.