The only book James Reardon physically appears in.

James Reardon is an FBI agent based in Liston Ohio. He was assigned to investigate the plane landing and as a result, is one of few people in the twenty-first century to know about the event. However, due to the lack of understanding in the twenty-first century that time travel exists, he never finds out anything about the background of the babies or the crash; he assumes that the babies were smuggled in from another country.

The MissingEdit


Jonah, Katherine, and Chip first learn of him when they find his name on a sticky note in Chip's adoption file. Michael Skidmore and Linda Skidmore both dislike him because he threatened them and wouldn't give them any information. Katherine stated he seemed like he wanted to know how much they actually knew and that was the only reason he agreed to meet with them. Then Jonah creates a distraction so that Katherine can grab some information from the file on James's desk that JB placed.


James Reardon does not physically appear in Redeemed, but Jonah, Katherine, and Jordan see him in flashbacks on their Elucidator. They learn that he initially blamed Second for the crash, but then took him in after being convinced that he knew more about the crash. It is also revealed that he later hired Second to work for him, and that Second was secretly watching his meeting with the Skidmores until Gary and Hodge kidnapped Second. It is unknown how James Reardon reacted to Second's sudden disappearance.