Giuseppe Gary Payne is an antagonist in The Missing Series. He works with his partner Grant Hodge at Interchronological Rescue. He is described as extremely muscular, serving as the "brawn" of the duo, while Hodge serves as the "brain". The two of them steal children from the past and sell them in the future to become rich. However, due to the significance of the children they kidnap, their actions cause huge disruptions in time.

Before The MissingEdit

Gary and Hodge steal thirty-six famous children from history with intentions of selling them in the future. However, while transporting them back to the future, they are caught by the Time Agency. Gary and Hodge manage to escape, but they abandon the babies, causing them to crash-land in the late twentieth century.

The MissingEdit


With Damaged Time finally coming to an end, Gary and Hodge enter the twenty-first century and attempt to re-kidnap the Missing Children. They manipulate distant children's families into moving to the Liston, Ohio area and then coordinate an adoption conference, where they lure all the missing children to the Time Cave. However, they are thwarted by JB and Angela DuPre, and are sent to Time Prison by the former.


Despite Gary and Hodge being in Time Prison, Jonah and Katherine see Gary and Hodge kidnap an ill Lieserl Einstein from her crib in 1903. Jonah attempts to intervene, but Katherine stops him, realizing the Gary and Hodge they see are from before the Time Crash, and interfering with them will cause a paradox.


Gary and Hodge are broken out of Time Prison by Gavin Danes, after dishonestly telling him that they would give him a better life in the future. They then attempt to kidnap him, Jonah, Katherine, Chip and Daniella by unaging them, however, Jonah manages to stop the unaging process before it's too late. Jonah then alerts the Time Agency of Gary and Hodge, forcing the two of them to flee again and abandon their plans to kidnap the children.


Gary and Hodge convince Charles Lindbergh to kidnap Katherine, and fly her and the Missing Children to the future so they could finally succeed in their plan to sell the children. They also split time into three dimensions, and replace Jonah on their plane with another baby. They then tell Jonah that he wasn't a famous child, and accuse him of causing the time split. Jonah convinces Lindbergh that they were lying to him and Lindbergh unages Gary and Hodge into babies.


In the epilogue of Redeemed, Angela DuPre and Hadley Correo, announce that they are adopting the unaged Gary and Hodge, renaming them "Gregory" and "Henry", respectively. The adult Gary and Hodge (before they were unaged in the previous book) are seen in various Elucidator flashbacks; kidnapping Second from the FBI office, and attempting to smuggle the missing children to the future, both originally and with a manipulated Charles Lindbergh.