Emily's main appearance in the series

Emily Quinn is one of the missing children from history. Her identity is Lieserl Einstein.

In Caught she relives her past and it is revealed her brother is JB (Tete Einstein). Emily has long, wavy, dark hair. When younger, she had a steady gaze that made Jonah think she'd be an interesting person when she grew up. She stays calm in emergencies and can think. She is known to have an aptitude for math and science. Like her birth mother, Mileva Einstein, she is logical and observant. She is shown to be brave, agreeing to relive her past and help restore time, even though it was dangerous.

In her childhood, she blew seeds off dandelion stems, played an angel in a Christmas pageant, received an A plus on a math test, and got a miniature microscope for a birthday present.


Found (Book One)

Sent (Book Two)

Caught (Book Five)

Redeemed (Book Eight)