His only physical appearance in the series.

Curtis Rathbone is CEO of Interchronological Rescue, the company that steals children from the past to sell in the future. He employed Gary Payne and Grant Hodge to work for him.

Curtis Rathbone is first introduced to the Missing Children in Found. Gary and Hodge show a them video of him and attempt to bring them all to the future. However, JB sends them to Time Prison.

Curtis Rathbone is not seen again in the series until he finally makes a physical appearance in Redeemed. He forces Jonah, Jordan, and Katherine into saving a teenaged Second from an accident shorty before the Time Crash. Later he reveals to Jordan that he was the one who caused all the unaging in Revealed. He used untested technology on sixty adults to trick Second Chance into revealing his secret to correct the aging, and killed Second after he saved JB. He has been known to have treated his employees badly. He wanted to poorly raise Kevin and use his intelligence to help his illegal business. However, Jordan managed to save Kevin, and Interchronological Rescue was shut down by the Time Agency.